The Best Way to Impress Colombian Women

There’s a saying that goes “girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice”. And indeed they are, well, in a figurative sense at least. And in the case of Colombianas, they might have a little more caffeine kick to them.

These ladies have this uncanny ability to get anyone so pumped up that it feels almost as if you’ve been drinking a couple cups of their native coffee. Do bear in mind, their coffee packs an absolute punch that makes you feel like you can run a mile or two. That’s no exaggeration in either case.

When it comes to meeting expectations and reality, these Latinas are the real deal. How they manage to capture a fraction of the essence of what a Colombian woman truly is like, we honestly have no clue. The fact that there are so many articles dedicated to how great Latinas are should mean something.

There’s a long list of reasons why most men (even those from outside their country) would grovel at their feet begging for a chance to date them.

Just think about it — their looks, their personality, and basically everything about them makes even the cold-hearted of men fall head over heels.

But all the well-deserved compliments aside, we all know what you came for. We’re going to give you exactly what you need to finally get somewhere with that Colombian woman you’ve been eyeing.

Bring out your inner Shakespeare

You have to start somewhere. What better way to break the ice with some pickup lines?

Well, for the most part, these women can get a bit standoffish if you come on too strong. If you are not careful with your choice of words and delivery, you might possibly deter them.

These women take pride in their femininity and celebrate by being true to themselves. Anything that sounds the slightest demeaning or sexist will get turned down faster than you can scream “uno!”.

It is important to keep in mind that you have to tread lightly in what you do. You don’t want to risk possibly offending her. The best way to deliver pick-up lines in a not-so awkward way? Try to read a Latina’s body language.

Is she exhibiting a welcoming stance? Does she seem like in the mood to flirt around? If not, best to wait for the right time to approach her. Otherwise, go for it. Just remember to be careful with what you say lest you drive her off.

Don’t bombard her with compliments

Another thing that’s important to note when approaching a Colombiana is to take it easy with the compliments. Though there are a few that love flattery, your vocabulary could use a little bit of work.

These women have probably been hearing the same “beautiful” and “gorgeous” praise again and again. It’s nothing new to them anymore. It would be ideal to make better use of other adjectives that aren’t limited to the usual words of compliments women hear.

When complimenting her, you should switch up your approach so that you come across as genuine, yet not too eager to please her.

Pay attention to the little details such as how she did her hair, how flattering the shade of her lipstick is on her, or how her dress suits her well. Then, when the time is right, bring it up in conversation and compliment her on her tastes.

This will definitely catch her off guard and make her smile as honestly as possible.

These are the pieces of information that a regular guy would overlook. Women love it when a man notices something they’ve given a lot of thought to. It might seem strange for a man to be able to notice these feminine quirks, but it would certainly give you a lot of brownie points.

Crack some jokes, but don’t make it too forced

Jokes are the best way to ease yourself in a conversation. That is unless you get the punchline wrong.

The very purpose of making a joke is to relieve any awkward tensions between you two. If you force yourself to make a joke that is barely funny, then it isn’t making the situation better, is it?

Sometimes, being comedic doesn’t work well for others. Unless you’re born a natural comedian, don’t try to risk looking like a fool in front of the woman you’re trying to win over. Chances are, you’re going to blunder. And when you do, what then?

The worst that could happen is that she doesn’t laugh.

Still, you’ll have to save yourself from the embarrassment afterwards. And if you seem anything less than confident, she’s most likely going to see you in a different light. You do not want to look like a defeated hyena in front of these ladies.

Learn basic Spanish

If a handsome man is well-versed in different subjects, he increases his attractiveness tenfold. And more so if he’s linguistically gifted, as most women find these men extremely attractive.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to learn Spanish overnight. Even if you try to, it’s impossible to master a language in a few hours, even for polyglots.

What matters most is the sentiment behind your motivation to learn her native tongue. To her, it would look like you’re trying to connect with her and better understand her identity as a Colombian. Besides, you’re most likely to receive help from her, which would make a great excuse to spend more time together.

You might find yourself learning her native tongue in no time.

Why dating a Colombian is worth it

With these easy yet effective ways of making a good impression on Colombian Women, you can surely be able to adapt to how these women play the dating game. At first, it might be a bit tricky. With a bit of practice, you would be able to eventually learn how to win her heart.

Finding love in a Latina like her is a wonderful feeling.

Among all the traits a Colombian woman has, it is her immense loyalty to her partner that stands out the most. If she truly loves you, she will stick by your side no matter how difficult the hurdle is. A woman like that is difficult to come by, so don’t ever let her slip your grasp.

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