Exciting Activities to Try in Barranquilla Colombia

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to “be out there?”

It’s natural to have a child-like wonder when you’re a curious adventurer. Granted, you might have your own reasons for wanting to explore this vast world..

Whatever your reasons are, that should be more than enough reason to help you get out of your little bubble and explore the outdoors. Whether you’re soul-searching or thrill-seeking, there’s surely something for you out there that you can enjoy!

And since you’re here, Barranquilla, Colombia seems to be your place of interest.

Fret not, future travel enthusiast. This guide to Barranquilla’s ideal travel spots is just what you need to get you started on your adventures.

Go surfing in Pradomar

That’s exactly why it’s so great!

The fewer the people, the more you’ll be able to enjoy the company of your friends or partner. No disruptions, no rowdy kids. Just you, your partner (or friends) with a good amount of sun, sand, and shore to accompany you the entire day.

The beach in Pradomar is perfect for beach bums and surfers, as the waves are impeccably consistent and ideal for hanging ten.

After a long day of enjoying the waves, you can head on to Hotel Pradomar. The hotel offers a variety of amenities that you can either book or reserve.

This waterfront hotel serves one of the best cocktails you’ve ever tasted in Colombia. Not only that, but they also serve a surprising twist on local dishes such as bandeja paisa or empanada.

Experience the El Totumo Mud Volcano

Volcanic mud, according to skincare experts, can help soften and brighten your skin. So, while you’re in Barranquilla, why not treat yourself to a mud bath?

You can climb up to the mud pool and swim for as long as you like for 10,000 pesos (US$4). It’s so thick that you can float on top of it — plus, it’s a natural exfoliator.

Dance the night away in La Troja

You can never miss out on La Troja when we’re talking about Colombia. Dancing is practically their second nature and you HAVE to jive along with the people if you want to get in on the action

The ever famous La Troja is the most popular salsa club there is in Barranquilla. The atmosphere is exuberant, colorful, and bustling, and it’s a lot of fun.

Different kinds of people come here. Whether it’s a group of young foreigners or solo salsa-dancing seniors, there’s a place for everyone. In this comfortable and relaxed place, anything goes. This perfectly embodies the relaxed and welcoming character of the city.

Party with the locals in Barranquilla Carnival

Every year, tourists and locals flock to Barranquilla during the month of February to join in the festivities. The festival is held over four days and four nights. Street parties and dancing are highlights of the festival.

It’s not uncommon to see people dressed extravagantly. Everywhere you go, you can hear loud Colombian music. On top of that, there will be a parade of heavily ornamented floats.

If you are visiting the city, be sure to experience this one-time annual celebration. There’s no place like it in the world. Make sure you take plenty of pictures to remember your trip.

Travel Tips when Visiting Barranquilla

Here are a few ways on how you can maximize your travel experience in Barranquilla.

1. Use an Uber or a taxi

Car rentals in Colombia can be quite expensive.

It would normally cost $50 for an entire day’s use, not counting gas. When compared to the normal $3-$6 taxi price, the cost of a car rental is impractically expensive.

If you’re traveling towards far-flung areas of Barranquilla, you will find that their busses are more convenient. On average, their bus trips would cost about $10 — depending on where you’re stopping, of course.

Always check your receipt

Two reasons for this. One, you have to be aware of how much you’re being charged so you don’t get taken advantage of. Two, you might be charged for the tip.

There are some shops that would automatically charge $10 for the tip. If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can refuse to tip.

3. “Don’t give papaya”

This is an expression used in Colombia for unknowing tourists — which would literally mean don’t be taken advantage of.

You can never be too careful when traveling. When you’re a tourist, you will always be seen as a target. There are some who are kind enough to give you warnings.

There are still, however, a select few who might take advantage of your status as a tourist.

So if you do have a fancy camera or an iPhone, don’t bring them out. Unless you can guarantee that you can keep it safe yourself, it’s best to keep them secure in your bag.

While you still can, travel the world

You might be able to make a personal discovery along the way, which may not be a lifetime’s worth of wait.

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